The rainbow luck dragon ;} Ink and Prisma Marker on bristol.
rainbowluckdragon.jpg - 2004-11-16
Two gryphlets snuggle down in an emerald nest for naptime with bunny. Gryphons of the hotter climes display brilliant coloration, even in infancy. The bright colors and patterns seem to serve both for courting displays, as with the brighter tropical birds, and as a warning display, as with poison dart frogs. Seek dinner here, say the feathers, and meet a loud, pointy end 8x10, watercolor and egg tempera on clayboard
gryphletswithbunny.jpg - 2004-12-09
Bast. Cute little baby Bast. Done for littlepagans.com, where you can buy this on a t-shirt.
myw.jpg - 2004-07-21
Guess her credit situation's got her angry! But...she see Toe Dude in the back? The second drawing done entirely with a .30mm/size 00 Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph technical pen.
expired.jpg - 2004-10-17
A group portrait of three of my friends as anthros. Shahin (dingo), Shahriyar (rat/wolf) and Greg (direwolf). About 140 hours of work, total. The background is a photo I took in the student parkinglot, and was actually taken after the characters were already colored, so matching the lighting was rather tricky, though it came out ok. I have detailed close ups of the characters' faces available on my site, for those who are curious.
sf-hanginout.jpg - 2004-04-10
I try to keep the cute under control, but sometimes it gets away from me and rampages across the countryside devouring children.
honeycat.jpg - 2004-01-12
2/11/04 - Sabrina O'Neal's armadillo character, Emba, and my own Getta Garbo. Apparently traipsing.
dillo.jpg - 2004-02-12
I had a lot of fun creating and coloring this one. ^_^ Another piece for EMG Portrait Adoption. Portrait Adoption provides adoptable character portraits by many talented artists that people can use for role playing, avatars, and other things where people might 'borrow' a person's art or character for their own. Check it out at http://adoption.ellenmilliongraphics.com/
Character sheet for Shiv, my steampunk mongoose. The computer coloring went better than I thought!
charsheet.jpg - 2004-03-23
I though I could upload a few of my older drawings, so here's the first: A member of a fairly bat-like species, sitting on a mushroom.
batgirl.jpg - 2004-09-19
A cormorant and a raccoon fencing on a shipdeck. Graphite.
spal-duel.jpg - 2004-03-23
I love corvids! This lil guy is keeping warm and cozy on his perch on a cold foggy Edinburgh morning. For those of you unfimiliar with the city, that shilloette in the background is the Scott Memorial at the heart of the city. DOn't worry I won't make a big habit of posting much non anthro stuffs.
corvidprincest.jpg - 2004-09-03
Lost in a Fishbowl's price for her contest entry. :> It's a Gryffalk, her own creation. I hope I got the colouring and everything right. O.O The Gryffalks are © by Lost in a Fishbowl
My part of the art trade with Ahkahna and the second of four planned illustrations about the four elements. The first one was Vantid, representing the water. Ahkahna is - obviously - representing the wind. Unfortunately you can't see much of the magic leading to the butterfly. It gets a bit lost in the background. Ahkahna is © by Hannah Spute
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