Vintage Fursuit Collection

Welcome to the Vintage Fursuit Collection/Archive!
This is a collection of Old Costumes and the Anthro Arts, garnered from the nooks and crannies of the Internet, by one eccentric web gravedigger archeologist.

Old-fashioned fursuits "Zoots" as they used to be reffered to as are commonly bashed on by modern members of the community for “being uncanny” and “inexperienced”, but I find them to be fascinating. Perhaps I even like them more than their modern counterparts!

I try to update this site whenever I have new websites and pictures- which is pretty much all the time. But I only have two paws! Probably under permament construction.

I try to link to the originals of every site I can find, I highly encourage for you to check them out in their intended glory. Consider this site to be a collage of sorts- I didn't get permission to use most of these images.

I created this site because I couldn’t find any site that was a collection of EVERYTHING, so I figured, hey, might as well fill in this niche. I hope that this website entertains and educates you, and that you have a wonderful time exploring this site and surfing the web!

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You may have noticed the lovely little brown critter that resides within this webpage, looking all pretty. That is the mascot of this site, Sundippy the archivist! Sundippy is a female arboreal Skiltaire, a species created by Mark Merlino/SylysSable. You can find more information about them here.

Sundippy is dark brown with a darker brown, almost black stripe running down her back and black feet, with grey spots on her face, with a cream stripe running down the sides of the black stripe that converges in the center of the tail, a cream chest and amber eyes. She is commonly seen wearing her reading glasses. She was born on 31/3/22.

Curious, warm and playful, she took an interest in preserving the past when her favourite website was removed with no trace of it ever existing except within her memory. Now she runs this webpage in her free time, whenever she gets breaks from her life of leisurely eating berries and snuggling with her tribe.

Original mascot artwork and character design by © DaGrandDragonn,
Logo headshot inked by © Birdcrossing and coloured by © DaGrandDragonn.