I figured I would try my hand at a winged wolf. Graphite.
aurora.jpg - 2003-11-12
Teyotshey dragon with a case of albinism and webbing between the toes. Watercolor.
lilith.jpg - 2003-11-12
Colored pencil illustration to Barbara Hambly's Dragonbane series, somewhat older
gp_morkeleb.jpg - 2003-05-03
My first ever trading post entry, for #22, Turbine Divinity
turbinediv.jpg - 2003-08-29
I admire Mike Russell for his strong Christian faith and his inspirational web comic, so I drew this gift of draw Vicki Fox and Springkitty studying the Bible together as fellow Christians. I hope he enjoys it!
biblestudy.jpg - 2003-08-07
Well, it took me three years, but I finally did it. 50 pictures on Yerf. Sorta. This is Justin, the guy from my last upload. In real life, he's only COLOUR blind. After discovering I didn't completely suck at drawing wings, I drew him as an angel, forgetting about Lisa Payne's Dawn the Blinded Angel character. She said she didn't mind if I posted this, so here it is. He won't be an angel in subsequent pictures. This picture is probably also a tribute to the awesome Javachickn. I guess I'll go and listen to the Fall some more until my brain rots.
anyone_i_tell.jpg - 2003-09-30
arial.gif by Egypt Urnash (Peganthyrus)Arial, for Ashtoreth's birthday. The character is fundamentally not Yerf-safe; an uncensored version is on the VCL. I chose to emphasize her sinuousness and evil instead of her mammaries and genitalia, as most art of her has. Arial is owned and operated by Ashtoreth, not me. *grin*
arial.gif - 2003-11-22
Dance for the Music - I've always loved to dance, and its such a large part of my soul (though I'm by no means proffessional, or even correct in my moves), that I just had to put the movements on paper. Brush and ink, background and color in Photoshop.
dancetillyoudropc2.gif - 2003-04-03
Tales of Yao Chi are spread even throughout the Pacific Northwest. A commission for Yao Chi and his great idea. If you ever get a chance to work with the technicolor dragon, do it!
yaochinorthsmall.jpg - 2003-11-25
Is She an Angel? She was going to be attacked by a macaw because she's holding a chick in her hand. But my friends told me to quit being morbid and just make her an angel.
isheangel.jpg - 2003-11-18
Yep, its Judy again. I was prcaticing with colored pencils. I still need more practice. It came out darker than I wanted, but it still works. Character © Cindy M. Ramey
judy123.jpg - 2003-03-07
I suppose this would be my back in action piece... It's been years since I've posted here, and while I don't do nearly as much furry art as I used to, I still do it on the occasion for kicks and for sale. This handsome fellow was finished out on bristol board with Prisma markers and colored pencils. © 2003 C.R. Majors
tiig-hunt-final.jpg - 2003-07-27
My sister suggested that I draw a different cover for Issue 2 of Kitty Omega. Here's the new cover. I left out the title and logo for this yerf upload.
armed.gif - 2003-07-14
Digitally colored ink linework. A winged roo, a nature spirit, spreads night across the landscape.
uvnightroo.jpg - 2003-08-06
Ice Queen - This snowy owl represents the season of winter. She is adorned with a lynx claw necklace and willow ptarmigan feathers--another species of bird that is capable of surviving harsh winters. Other animals present include a snowshoe hare, a Canadian lynx, a timber wolf, a caribou, and migrating trumpeter swans.
ls_winter.jpg - 2003-02-24
Unity - I'm not entirely sure of what a proper description would be. I suppose one could make their own assumptions. Mental goulash?
unity2.jpg - 2003-02-24
Hey-ho, daddy-o~!
ccpirate.jpg - 2003-01-09
A lion, drawn by Brett, painted in Photoshop 7 by Jess.
My half of the art trade for Lizardbeth. Shes a lot harder on jeans then me.
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