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There's a folktale here, in wich a prince can turn into a canary. I thought that would've been cooler if the prince could turn into a raven... pencil - 2002
corvo.jpg - 2003-01-06
The Creature in the Candy Shop. pencil, 2002
orroreorrore.jpg - 2003-01-10
A rough little sketch done for a buddy. Not much new there- but I thought it worth an upload...
gassypoo.jpg - 2002-10-25
I took a break from the Kafka story to commemorate the long-overdue release of the first compendium of the english translation of Avant L'Incal- the prequel to Jodorowsky/Mobius's landmark Incal epic. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed the original series, and this new release reminded me of the sheer genius of it all (foremost of which, I must admit, was Moebius's great artwork, with none of his downright horrible writing.)
deepo.jpg - 2002-12-10
I had time to do a picture today... it was really nice to do something happy and sunny for a change! :)
litsun.jpg - 2002-04-04
This image is a few months old but still one of my favorites. I took the background photo in a park near to our house. God made fall such a colorful and beautiful season!
springfall02.jpg - 2002-12-09
I FINALLY finished it! Whew. This piece took forever to do. A sad wolf clutching a rose and reaching out to the one she loves. Lots of Photoshop work. This was all done with a mouse. I scanned the sketch and colored over it completely with the mouse. Ick. Lots of hard work. But I am really happy with thie piece.
sf_srrw.jpg - 2002-03-29
Kookaburra sits in the old gum(drop) tree...
whoohoo.jpg - 2002-04-01
Another wonky Painter thing finished at 3 in the morning last night. You can hardly make out that she has dents in her shoulder armour - does anyone have tips for this? And general painter tips would be great as well! I dunno what's up with all these girly things I've been drawing lately!! Anyways, back to studying. Please take note that my email address is now!!!!
SpiritFeatherPony, a friend online, loves the Beatles- thus, it's Sgt. Spiritfeatherpony's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Woooop! fspiritp.jpg - 2002-05-17
6 hours + far too much time & patience + 23 prismacolours = a far too detailed art trade... For Aheria, an online friend... aheriacc.jpg - 2002-05-22
Here it is, my big piece for Further Confusion 2002. Behold the Wind Tree, the place where storms gather and the wing-ed soar, it's limbs bedecked in offerings to the element Air. A wolf with the wings of her gyrfalcon totem comes to give her offerings to Air in thanks for the power of flight. Watercolor and Colored Pencil on 18 X 24 Bristol Paper.
windtree.jpg - 2002-01-18
Chester, the victorian inventor. It's done in graphite, but I yellowed it a bit in Photoshop. This is an older drawing from 2002, but I still like it.
chester_ph.jpg - 2004-09-19
Bremse - Pretty old graphite dooooodle. Crazy.
bremse.jpg - 2002-02-03
Jyiis is takin a chill-pill, unfettered by such silly things as school, parents, unrequited love. Gouache. Left purposely unfinished because I figured that feeling obligated to finish it would defeat the purpose. (And other arteestic BS.)
maxin2.jpg - 2002-05-26
Back from FC, had a great time, met lotsa cool peoples :) Heres a drawing done today, had a bit of fun with this one..
ottaur.jpg - 2002-01-30
My half of an art-trade with lurid.


ms. Marsh did an art-trade with me..hey where's her half?
let me know what y'all think of this surly porcupine
Some renderings of the Stewart model I made in Rhino3d. This was pretty fun and much easier than if I'd tried to do it in 3DStudio, but still a lot of work. Now if it'd just compile... Stewart is mine, © 2001 Brian Rogers
A year old vixen on a bench for good measure.
vixen.jpg - 2001-06-12
Lookit the funny wolf bot
wolfbot.jpg - 2001-10-28
Trying out the up-load facility with a slightly older piece (June 2001). Inked with a gel pen, which I disliked heartily, except for the interesting effects in the BG.
bew_chtr.gif - 2002-01-31
Inking practice: a bunch of stylized wonky critters. Oldoldoldold. Eesh.
cs-amnls.jpg - 2001-07-02
Just a random wolftaur in a wilderness setting. This picture was done using grey markers.
wlftaur.jpg - 2001-02-02
Velvet with some weird looking bats. The background came from a photograph I took in the graveyard across from my residence hall.
velvet09.jpg - 2001-04-08
Lizzie the iguana girl, I mostly love this picture for the colours and shading.
lizkneel.jpg - 2001-10-14
Skrech lounges about on a fallen tree in his territory, knowing how sly and lovely he is. Vain bird! Colored Pencil on Bristol paper.
lazybird.jpg - 2001-10-13
This is a very new character of mine. This picture was done in Adobe Photoshop, and I think it came out pretty cool.
sta3.jpg - 2001-01-12
She is evil and wants to take over the world.
megan.gif - 2001-01-07
alibaba.jpg by David PrattAlistair Katt is the intellectual property of Thomas Dye. Oh-oh-zay can you seeeeee, by thee dawn's early light? *barp*
alibaba.jpg - 2001-07-04
A frame from a small animation project I'm working on. Here is a cleaned up cel with 'most' of the elements composited in.
boncel.jpg - 2001-05-18
genet priestess, pencil, 2001
omegar.jpg - 2003-01-05
commission for chucky blackmuzzle, pencil, 2001
chucky.jpg - 2003-01-05
ienataura2.jpg by Gilda Rimessi (Sans Souci)Hyenataur and her cubs, running away from the storm


A red tabby... with wings. (A.k.a., one of my aliases, Aogas-Reill) Reill © me
reill.jpg - 2000-01-27
A [belated] birthday/request picture for my awesome friend, Scotty Talley. It's ErinFox glomping Scotty Fox in a park! Lessee..inks, prismacolor pencils, and watercolor pencils make this one up. Man, those trees were hard. O.o Anyway..Happy 19th Birthday to Scotty, with love from Erin!
em-sctty.jpg - 2000-11-30
DLM stole my haircut and clothes. I guess that means this is a self-portrait of sorts.
self02.jpg - 2001-09-27
Cedric & Spike in blindingly bright colours.
steps.jpg - 2000-09-08
There's no point in being a punk if you're already a zebra.
zebra2.jpg - 2000-09-08
Another attempt at coloring, using Ulead PhotoImpact, and this time, on TeknoKat. :) Overall, I'm pretty darn pleased with the results, but as always, I think there's still room for improvement. =P ^^ TeknoKat © Sylver Sword
tekcolor.jpg - 2000-01-21
The all terrain shark scout is ready to go!
outawatr.jpg - 2000-09-07
Heres a couple roughs for a Frankenstein hyena that Ive been fooling with.
chuckles.jpg - 2000-09-14
This one is from last year, showing my input for the EuroFurence 6 Shirt Contest. I thought she would make a nice start for my drawing input here. Oh, and ...better be nice to her, or you might end up just like that poor balloon in there! ;) Trixie is © me, 1999/2001
sr-ef6bw.jpg - 2001-01-21
This pic's a few months old - I finally got 'round to inking and colouring it though :) It's now owned by 'Serval', after he bought it on ebay ^_^ Character and image © Catherine Watson
watscat2.jpg - 2000-10-03
You'll find a pretty old image of a hyena with a scythe if you look at my older entries in the gallery. I decided that Scythe needed a revamp pretty bad, so Aardwulf Scythe's the result. ^_^
aard1.jpg - 2000-08-20
Scout mantis-character complete with ragged, dirty cloak, fancy headset fitted with HUD, and some sort of high-tech staff-like weapon. *shrugs*
scoutcm.jpg - 2000-02-01
Funny eared grebe morph...He kinda looks like a storyteller.
grebe.jpg - 2000-02-01
Here's a nearly finished pic I did to flesh out my newest fuzzball, Carry-On the joey. She's reminiscent of Haley personality-wise, except she's a lot more coherant, a lot less hyper, and a bit more devious. She's a greedy little entrepreneur; her pasttime is stealing anything she can stuff in her pouch, and trying to sell it back. Why's there a zipper on there? Because it's cliche. :>
carryon.jpg - 2000-10-04
Sorry, Artisan. Vinci's only being affectionate because he's drunk off his rocker. Both characters © Ryan Dewalt. :>
tipsyboy.gif - 2000-12-31
A keen kangaroo that I drew up, and Brenden Smith did the inking chores for me on. I really like this one. Hopefully one day I'll be able to ink at his level. Until then, I guess it's practice, Practice, Practice...
boomeroo.gif - 2000-09-07
Despite yesterdays obvious display of distaste toward my character design, I've decided to continue uploading none the less. I mean, artwork is a personal thing, I'm just sharing it. Right? Anima is a Copyright © of Briona Campbell
anima.jpg - 2000-08-30
smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby. -health canada
antbunn1.jpg - 2000-08-31
L 2 R, Jimbooty Plundaloot, Eddy, and Gordon Chezini III. This is all from a poster I did for commercial art class for a contest at Hill aerospace museum titled 'Lost in Space' in which I one third place prize! :) Why do I hate color pencils? because nomatter how long I work on it, it could always look better. :( the color adjust in the scan helps a lot though. those three © me Brady dalton vintage furry art anthro 2000
My scanner wasn't very nice to this picture. In fact, it messed up the anatomy. Asbestos is the creation of Breezy, and this is my take on him...
A picture I did for Tracy a while back... I know you guys know who this is, so ... yeah.... It's all colored pencils, and I like red sunsets. Tess is © to Tracy Butler. So there. =P
Yay! It's summer. Now that I have the time, I'm going to finish these commissions. This is Emystica, done in markers, for Marisa Lyon. Sure is a lot of blue... Emy is © Marisa.
I did this a few months ago after watching The Last Unicorn. It wasn't supposed to turn out like her, but it did. But it really wasn't supposed to! Oh well. I still like it. The trees are supposed to look all flat and Renaissance-ish; I think the background is the best part. Unicorns are fun.


3D vintage furry art 1999
May the panda vintage furry art 1999
Watch out Jamie, looks like some other people want the data disk too. Colored pincel 14x17. The original is much bigger and more detailed, but unfortunately, I had to cut down it's size by about 16 fold for it to be a good size. I might upload a slightly bigger and better highlited one later, maybe.
Rachael realizes that parts for a soviet built engine may be hard to find in the south pacific. Rachael Rachomonav copyright me
broke.jpg - 1999-12-02
Finally done, I hope. Started this in January and have been coloring it little by little since then. Still sorting out using true perspective. Let me know if this was worth half a year's wait ;)
drilling.jpg - 1999-06-18
a group shot of 9 of the many characters from my comic Lurid Tales of Jagged Youth. Gabe, Streex, Tracer, Draper, Grant, Emex, Spark, Skyler and Cameron are © ME. you dig?
ltjy.jpg - 1999-09-06
Sully said he's include Malachi.jpg, but she did'nt show up. so here it is again, and hopefully she wont get torn down. Just a hyena character of mine, but in anthro form (she looks likes something from a Gen13 comic) Malachi is © to moi. Peace Slack and Ruckus ;P
malachi.jpg - 1999-09-06
Candy A. Cow. I think this is my best attempt at her to date (Why did I hafta pick an avatar critter that's so tricky to draw?). I think I'll take this to AC with me. BTW, I have pics for Joey and Alethia in the wings, but I wanna finish them and upload 'em tageddah. I loved the pics so much, y'guys! Thanks!! 'Leth's pic made me cry (good tears! no worries!), and now Tet's running around on Yiffnet calling me a Cottonpuff girl, in response to Joey's. Muh. =). Candy C. © Candy L.
moohoo.jpg - 1999-04-23
Wish we *could*. Lemme tellya folks, long distance relationships can be *wonderful*...It's the *distance* part that's bad. <=~(
trunaway.jpg - 1999-09-02
Reesher and Graham! Gee, that necklace in that painting sure looks familiar! Gee.. ;)
reesneck.jpg - 1999-09-06
Ashen the fire dragon, another one of my creations and quite popular with the art trades. :) This is a really bad-quality scan of an older picture.
ashenred.jpg - 2000-02-02
I feel like bowling..
bowlin.jpg - 1999-04-20
I know this is kind of early but I'm going to be without an internet connection until I finish moving again. Have a happy and safe Halloween all!
alhollos.jpg - 1999-10-25
censored sketch for my roommate (who was displeased with some very inconsiderate drivers on the road today)
shepard.jpg - 1999-12-19
Silly little pic for Catra, asked to be done just with a paintbrush tool O.o Whoa...
catradio.jpg - 1999-12-09
Lily Prower ©herself.
em-lily.jpg - 1999-05-17
That's Mouser and Macky.......I'm not sure about her colors.... ©themself.
em-coupl.jpg - 1999-05-17
Another crosshatched monstrosity...
webdrag.jpg - 1999-03-25
A recent watercolor- you can see the a history of the painting at I still don't get out that much....
cflmouse.jpg - 1999-06-22
I saw pics of Gene and Cats while working in the photo computer lab and thought it was just TOO SWEET! Well, here they are out to dinner with their lovely selves. ::sniffles:: (I miss my squirrel) Gene Catlow is © Albert Temple and Cats Whiskers is © Tawana Gilroy
genecats.jpg - 1999-03-26
Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Been working on a special project with some friends of mine, Jesse and Jeff. This is part of an on going project with me of doing some illistrations to a story my friend Jesse wrote. This is an anime version of Jeff's character Taperlass with her katana, Hanohiryuu, and Fu (Jesse's character)'s tail wrapped around the sword.
tap2.jpg - 1999-04-27
I'm *happy* with this one. I think it's my best Chespi picture ever, even if it's a pose I've already done..sortakinda. I finally figured out how to use my Prismacolor markers properly, but I've had em for like a year! Yeah..I like how this came out. I like her clotheses. Chespi's © yu know whu.
em-chesp.jpg - 1999-10-08
My second try ever at coloring something on the 'puter. Not great, but not that bad, either. I guess so, anyway.
catgirl.jpg - 1999-03-19
a dancing hare lady, I guess.
harednce.gif - 1999-08-31
A request that was done for a good friend of mine, her goth kitty Ka'tra. o.O Ka'tra © 1999 Quarla Van Ness
gk-katra.jpg - 2000-01-09


A foxy/vamp that was requested for me to do. I think I did pretty well on this one, actually. :) I mixed a bit of comic book styles into this one, but hey, all the better.
gk-lesta.jpg - 1998-10-25
An anthropomorphic wollf, flipping a coin. Nate, once again, simply wearing the jacket of a good friend of him
Two anthropomorphic cheaps, sat on stones playing music. just something a bit different. I enjoy that twin brother stuff.
tb_satyr.jpg - 1998-04-22
He's a hunk of burning love.
thenerd.jpg - 1998-10-21
Another pic done for Zuccini; Lilla Chinchilla. She's not an Oddimal, but I thought I'd draw her just for fun. She's very popular with certain people around campus. Again Lilla © Zuzu
lilla1.gif - 1998-04-30
This is a concept poster for my character, Vix. He's just a prankster of the feline family.
vix1.gif - 1998-04-27
A Mayan/Aztec themed piece ; A catgirl stands guard to an ancient temple, unaware that she is being watched from the undergrowth.
maya001.jpg - 1998-04-13
rescry.jpg by Erynne Waltman (Erin Cat)... so I was thinking I should do I a picture dedicated to all the demons we keep locked up inside, and what better furson to use than Teresa Lane herself?? Yes, I know she looks anorexic... if you lived on the streets, so too would you. Yes, I know she's in her undies-wear. Yes, I know I forgot to draw her tail. It's not my fault -- the goblins made me do it. Teresa © me (i think the pain med-ee-kay-shun is kicking in, hehe.. whaaa??)
rescry.jpg - 1998-06-12
I made this for a Nifty keychain. They make school supplies, and probably will not see it on a chain until maybe around August or September of next year. This is a simpler version of Chilly F. (Fox). Shes hugging Nifty. *giggles*
nftyfox1.gif - 1998-10-31
Ooo, more colour! I think this one's my best yet...but I'm still practicing, so expect more of this kinda stuff in the future....anyway, I like the pose, even if Flame's holding a rose for no particular reason. Flame's © me! =)
flamec5.gif - 1998-02-22
Craig Kilborn, as a fuzzy kitty. :) Craiggers wears glasses off-set, so therefore, he has them here. Sigh..Craig.. weee... 8) Craig is certainly copyright his own person. (BTW-The lines came out to thick--but my scanner fyked up and I'm just glad it's working again! o.O)
ck01.jpg - 1998-01-17
Kanwaii Nyako, in an anime-style.
a-nyako.jpg - 1998-06-07
razberri.jpg by Earl Kelly (Dawneater)This is supposed to be (Erin Vernon's) RazBerri. I hope Miss Vernon recognizes her as such. I have no idea what she's doing - I had part of a sheet of paper and decided it wouldn't go to waste. RazBerri crght Erin Vernon.
razberri.jpg - 1998-03-05
I know, this is totaly not my style... but someone in my school posed and asked me to draw a pic of im as a tiger, so I did.
tiger-yo.jpg - 1998-12-19
I worked for Epic MegaGames as a traditional animator for their game, Jazz Jackrabbit 2. I did cutscenes and misc artwork, including box art. I made this image for Epic to be used on a special Christmas edition of Jazz that we were releasing, Holiday Hare '98. I own the image, but not the characters. Don't worry, I have permission.
noogy3.jpg - 1999-09-08
This is a pic of Skippy and Smucker of FurryMUCK and Furtoonia. They are copyrighted to thier creator. Cute little guys aren't they?
canonbal.jpg - 1998-03-10
An early furry drawing from high school- a pirate vixen.
foxpirat.gif - 1998-01-19
A centaur sky burial. One of my first ever centaur pics.
skybrial.gif - 1998-01-22
Koloorin in his ottaur form. Otters can't resist puns!
ottaur1.gif - 1998-01-19
A generic skunk. As you can see, I've finally learned the proper way of coloring our striped friends :-)
gskunk1.jpg - 1998-11-07
Kittrel, and Kaelzen. Touching noses. What a cute couple!
kandk.jpg - 1998-06-24
Inspired by the freedom fighter genre in general. A female of some form of canine species hiding out in a grim, devastated world or the future, ready to waste her pursuit with a BIG gun. The lady's name is tentatively Linda (after Linda Hamilton [T2], at Miles' suggestion). She and the pic are © me.
linda.jpg - 1998-01-19
cjb_fox2.jpg - 1998-04-04
I was getting sick of drawing my fox character and wanted to do something different yet still furry. Thus the furry demon was born. Muahaha!
cjb_dmn.jpg - 1998-04-04
The Elk's Virgil A Christian Elk Knight gives his duty to GOD and is rewarded in Grace for his Piety. This is remenecent of the classic crusading knights in shining armor paintings of old.
elkvirgl.jpg - 1998-03-02
Future Enforcer is a lovely lady fox policewoman in her armor/uniform next to her bike with a blaster held up in her hand. The background is that of a Saturn like planet over an alien mountain horizon. A domed futuristic city is also in the background. Colored.
futrenfr.jpg - 1998-02-28
Skateboard Werewolf was designed for a pog years ago. It's a werewolf that is raving it on a ramp in the city on a full moon night. Colored.
weresktb.jpg - 1998-02-28
Imagine my chagrin when I realized I hadn't put up m'own pic on the site yet! Well, Shai appears in tangokats.jpg with Mata, but that's not the same. :) Here she is filling in for me at my summer job at Blockbuster... work us like mules, they do... Those are videotapes she's carrying, by the way.
shaibloc.jpg - 1998-06-30
Shai the Clown! -- based on a long-lasting joke on IRC. Shai the Clown 137: Shailence of the Lambs... :) Anyway, I'm still working on my use of colored pencils -- I'm pretty pleased with the way this turned out.
shaiclow.jpg - 1998-07-30
Thanks to my wonderful, wonderful new scanner (the replacement for my old one that went kaput a week or so ago), I've got some beautiful new scans which are *far* superior to the old ones. As evidence, here's the new and improved Orca -- he's still as miffed as ever, but in even more glorious black and white.
orca.jpg - 1998-10-19
it's Sully! as a kid, I hope you like it Scott Sully © Scotty Arsenault
yerfkid4.jpg - 1998-10-23
Name: Christopher R. LeBearrette kidding? D.O.B. July 16 1981 Ht: 6'1 eyes:brown Fur:Light Brown Headfur:Dark Brown Sex: Yes Please Likes:Music, Pudding Snacks, Grape Soda, and giveing and reciveing hugs Dislikes: Yanni, hair tangles, and shrunken shirts hope to be: first furry on moon Chris R. LeBearrette © Chris R. LaFollette
chris.jpg - 1998-05-15
A couple of years ago I designed several powersuits for some of my characters. Here's the one I designed for Ausha. I have more powersuit pics but I won't put them up unless people ask to see them. Ausha © me
ausha.jpg - 1999-04-01
A lil' kitty cat just sittin around.No name but © me!Chandra
tabby.gif - 1998-07-10
This is Cakil, my trusty Seargeant in my vermin club, Terramort Isle. Cakil is © Cakil.
cakil.jpg - 1998-11-10
My second attempt at watercolors! the first one sucked (Sorry, Dynamite!. It's Zuccini as Lime from Saber Marionnette J (I can't spell)!!! This pic celebrates my one year anniversary of accepting Anime as good animation. One year since my friend showed me good anime...bless her! Wow, Lime and Zuccini are an awful lot alike-- they are both named after green foods even! Lime © that really cool guy from Japan. Zuccini is © 1998 me.
zuzulime.jpg - 1999-08-29
Augghh!! Marcello is suffering a major brain cramp at his desk at work. It's a pretty good likeness of my desk, actually. Did this one night whille I was being tormented by not knowing anything but technical drawing. © 1998 Brian Rogers
nomowork.jpg - 1998-04-12
Yay! Tron is being released on DVD on the 19th in all it's widescreen, Dolby Digital glory! Here's a lightcycle I generated in 3D today. This doesn't work according to the movie, where they had the light staff before starting the cycle. Looks good, tho. Marcello Rupelli is a character of Brian Rogers; image © 1998 Brian Rogers. Tron ©, (tm), or something 1982 Walt Disney Productions.
marctron.jpg - 1998-05-11
A picture of a fox walking in front of a city.
raina.jpg - 1998-02-24
A fox sitting by a creek. This was inspired by another piture on the SCFA [but I forget by who] same pose, but different animal and background.
creek.jpg - 1998-02-27
Here's a fox sitting on a rock by an ocean.
The sand kitty Kaylin, another FurryMUCK pal o' mine. vintage furry anthro art archive 1998
Retard Vintage furry anthro art archive 1998
One of our very few angel characters. She's a rabbit with two 'pet' mechanical birds (Yeah, I dunno why an angel wants 'bots either...I'm just wierd). Strangely, I'm havin' a lot of trouble thinking of a name for this one. Got suggestion, pleeze send! brad sullivan vintage furry art archive 1998


Vidrio the grffin bird tiger anthro vintage furry art archive 1997
This is another one of my characters. I call him Dogg. He is dressed in knight armor and seems happy to be volunteering for something. He doesn't know everything about the task yet. Ha ha ha. The poor misguided soul. B^)
Head out on the highway, get your motor running. Looking for adventure, Or whatever comes your way. We gotta go and make it happen, Put the world in a love embrace. Fire all of your guns at once and, Explode into space. Like a true nature's child We were born, born to be wild and we can ride so high Never want to die. © George Thourghgood. Kangaroo bintage furry srchive 1997
Just some sketches I did of some otters. Just to see if I could. I think they turned out okay, I'm not sure if they look exactly like otters but if anybody out there knows something about otters that I don't lemme in on it.
Wow! Another picture! this is my wonderful costume for Halloween. Cheetah © Brian Allen
This is a character of mine who's had a bad day...shes a slightly psychotic Fennec named Karin Minsey who isnt paranoid, they are out to get her...
karin.jpg - 1997-03-29
One of my latest works; this was scanned from a sketch and colored in Photoshop 4.0. I thought I'd try to eleminate all the black outlines;it worked, but was too much hassle to try too many more times :-)
herbike.jpg - 1997-12-06
Well, one of the quirks of being on a deep-space salvage team is you never know what you know what you'll find... Two space-furs make an astonishing discovery (face it, who could look this good after dying 200 years ago). More pencil sketching...
ysbah52.jpg - 1997-02-24
Its another skunky sitting in the grass with a flower (in color even). I drew this to 'Girl with sun in her head' by Orbital (and colored to Fear Factory).
ysbah63.jpg - 1997-04-01
Another sketch from a blizzard. This is one of them 'sci-fi' inspired drawings of a fur entering a big room.
ysbah68.jpg - 1997-04-10
Heres a foxie I drew from an older drawing I made a long time ago. Coloured and inked even :)
ysbah134.jpg - 1997-10-21
One of my favorite characters from THE BOOK, Soleth. There arn't many winged cats like him. Check out that hair.
sol_mad.jpg - 1997-03-20
Ssthisto is my character on Internet Relay Chat channel #afd. Here she's a little more human than I usually play her... but still has her permanent snarl.
ssthist1.gif - 1997-04-07
Another who says a griffin has to be half lion, half eagle?
dh-flami.gif - 1997-04-14
This is just a sketch of a personality that I know, Andrew. This isn't exactly what I was hoping for in quality so I'll probably be replacing soon.
cmkand.gif - 1997-03-05
I did this in ball point pen and coloured pencils when I was a little upset. I think it turned out Good. :) No Name Wolf-hybrid :)
conte.jpg - 1997-08-17
This is me and my trusty Fender 'Strat holding an inpromptu concert in the University library (with an amp, no less!). The cool thing about this (it really happened) is that the librarian didn't write me up for it... I guess honoring her request for Stairway to Heaven helped. =) If you haven't figured it out, I and this picture are © me.
libcncrt.jpg - 1997-12-06
Ok, ok. I can explain. This occurred when I was sketching and someone else was watching Labyrinth at the same time. At the end part of the movie, my sketch started to be influenced, and I stopped (it looked good) ran upstairs for a straightedge, went nuts with it, and tada! This. One friend I showed it to thought it was really cool, his roomate looked at it and ran away screaming. Go Figure. Shadow and Smudge
Okay, long story. In a nutshell then: After pulling off a bit of magic hocus-pocus to turn my friend's paper into an outstanding essay, I wound up dubbed a Literary Jedi Master. This is me doing something cool. How? It's an old Jedi writing trick, of course! Copy copyright info from above somewhere, paste here, you know the drill.
This picture is one of the first 'perfected' pictures of Herb Chatmann that I drew. Color by Furry Cheetah!
herb1.jpg - 1997-08-11
Prismo of FM and FT, magician extraordinaire and Oreo worshipper, and another close friend. Prismo is © his player.
prismo2.jpg - 1997-09-27
A little while ago, Royce told us furry artists to Draw more raccoons! so I tried my paws at this sleepy-eyed fellow. It's dawn, bedtime for all good little Procyonidae. Re-uploaded to fix a mistake and improve image quality.
dkp_rcn.gif - 1997-10-10
A Picture of Cecil, my FurryMUCK character, enjoying his favorite beverage. :>
t.gif - 1997-07-10
Here I am, as my furry character- White Wolf.
wolfme.jpg - 1997-10-09
This was just a quick doodle to see if I could draw a roo completely from memory. When it was finished, I thought it looked like someone known around furry space. So, with permission by his player, behold Spaceroo as a kid. Spaceroo © John Siemer.
dh007.gif - 1997-06-03
Two furries that have a lot to say to each other. At least it looks that way....more of my older work..BW ©B.S.M.
talktime.jpg - 1997-04-30
While listening to the last track from the last Funkadelic album (I think), THE ELECTRIC SPANKING OF WAR BABIES - named Icka Prick, this big thighed panther-girl was the most sane thing I could think of. I was also remembered reading about a few James Bond movies where the antagonist took carnal pleasure in exploding mens heads by squeezing them between her ample thighs. So, I guess this is the culmination of those two. (Maybe she can also LIFT WEIGHTS WITH HER...naaaah.
icky.jpg - 1997-11-07
UPDATE! Tis' an Emergency Blurri, which I drew for a fellow J.W.W., 'cause he asked. Tis also an application...Stinken, Blur has REALLY been gnawin' on my ear 'bout this Android Amazon Animals thing...she's an Amazon, she's an animal, and two outta three ain't bad...
eblurri.jpg - 1997-12-18
The tiger is Sally Davis, peon of Exxon Oil. (She's an EXXON TIGER, get it?) The corporate legacy was never intended, but when I saw that face...saleswoman was was all over it! Mascot! And if any of you have any qualms about her choice of employer, email me the name of any ecologically sound company that uses a tiger as a mascot. I'll be glad to switch her. Heck, it's a grab bag...invent your own!
sdavis.jpg - 1997-09-14
This little cat looks like one of Dr.Robotnick's creations or what not!!! =) Eldria Fox~* by the way.... that little ~* is copyright©EGFOX!!!
robocat.jpg - 1997-03-13
Well, catses are my fav animals, soooo... EG!!!! THANKS for tellin' me how to upload! u r GREAT! Eldria~*
wisecat.jpg - 1997-03-13
thanks to gene's step by step drawing method, this is what i have done! Thnaks, GENE!!
my_gene.jpg - 1997-04-25
This was an earlier drawing of myself. see? i uploaded it a while back when i first joined, but it was barely visible to the naked eye. so now i have re-done it, and cropped it.
earlyme.jpg - 1997-04-25
Aha! The Great Sketch of Millie is here! Yay! I did this all in ink, and I'm pretty proud of it. :D Millie © her player. :) (see, the dragon did remember! ;)
gsom_1.gif - 1997-12-28
Khar'pern, a ghatta from the Ghatti's Tale books, in anthromorphic style. As always, comments are appreciated on all of my work. I lap it up. I live on it. Khar'pern (C) Gayle Greeno. Mid '97, colour.
khar_1.jpg - 1997-06-08
My contribution to the Taanastasia thingie. This piccie is about a month old, beautifully coloured by Jessica Park. Taan © Jess, Kryka © me.
tanya_1.gif - 1997-12-22
Iz Seby!!! I had to draw her because I oweded her a pic from so long ago.. I hope you like, Sebrina! Sebrina © Megan Dombroski. (I tink that's how you spell your name, Megan..I hope..)
es-seb1.jpg - 1997-12-24
Kaela Dyani, as she usually looks. She's a traveler with very little money to her name, so she tends to make do with what she has. Kaela's © me.
poorkae.gif - 1997-11-02
A watercolor doodle done when I was struck, as I periodically am, with the insane idea that I will someday illustrate children's books.
weasel2.jpg - 1997-12-21
A mock propaganda poster with Slovenian gibberish....
drzava.jpg - 1997-12-21
A sly, red, jumpy vixen!
vixen-ea.jpg - 1997-02-14
Jim Sheppard, leader of the Canine Elite unit, the Skullhounds, tries too look macho.
jimpose.gif - 1997-11-03
A drawing of a red dragon out on a thursday full moon night. How do I know it was thursday? ... I looked at my calendar when I was drawing him on a whim ... I wanted to see if I could do dragons ... I guess I can in a way. Done with pen and pencil and scanned. I used PaintPro Shop for the details, Corel PhotoPaint for the major textures.
dragon2.jpg - 1997-09-06
Gamut is a fox-cat-unicorn, yes, I'm serious. So you can just imagine his personality: clever, mischevious and magical. Just a cute bundle of surprises. Copyright@Gabriela Leyva
gamt4.gif - 1997-11-08
Prismo, the Oreo cookie magician from FurryMUCK! ©; Dave Piccola
prismo1.gif - 1997-04-20
This is the definitive picture of Lindgold, my 'furry persona' and FurryMuck character. It's also my first foray into colour, using a new set of Faber-Castell pencils I treated myself to. Comments welcome.
lindgold.jpg - 1997-02-06
It's Skyler Rabbit! Looks kinda shy, doesn't he? But so cute! This one is colored pencil.
skyler.jpg - 1997-03-19
Ingenue -- this big-eyed deer is the first in my Portraits series. For a long time this was the only picture I had scanned, and it's still one of my favorites. Graphite.
deerlady.jpg - 1997-03-19


Vintage fursuit artwork 1996 fox, dog and raccoon group
Vintage furry art 1996 Arthur.T.mink
Commissioned picture of Rhydia, a snow leopard/panther cross.
Orwin Raccoon vintage furry art 1996
A very old sketch of a fox just sitting there, ya know?
ysbah23.jpg - 1996-09-30
Sir Kain, the cat.
sirkain.gif - 1996-04-01
Miles is poised menacingly at his computer MUCKing the night away. Note the stylish mousepad. <plugplugplug>
pixystix.gif - 1996-04-01
A femm fox morph in a bikini and roller blades
becky003.gif - 1996-07-10
This is a piccy I did of Silverfur the werewolf from Yiffnet. It took me a while to finish this, and he was on the verge of killing me for the delay! :) Still, he liked it when it was finished :) (Thanks to Guppy for help with the Dr. Who logo on the T-shirt, BTW)
silvrfur.gif - 1996-07-08
The BEERwolf!: Haxs Beerwolf Lyceus is skiing at the Wolf mountain...
wbeer02.gif - 1996-08-22
A picture of my main character, Glis Mousie. This is the first picture I've attempted to do in Pastel, so appologies for rough edges.
glis-kb.jpg - 1996-11-19
A picture done for a friend of her writing character, a Caitian in Starfleet uniform. Star Trek is copyright to Paramount Pictures.
baijha.gif - 1996-10-10


Chakat taur australian vintage furry artwork 1995








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