Peteena, the Pampered Poodle!

"Technically, Peteena is a 9-inch, white, plastic doll that uncannily resembles a poodle. Peteena bears the shameful scars of her lowly, mass-manufactured origins in the legend "Hasbro 1966" imprinted on her butt (Hasbro, however, denies all knowledge of Peteena).
Peteena wishes to stress to all you cyber-whatevers out there that she is not and never has been computer generated. Peteena has a very real (and very pampered) corporeal existence."

Peteena, despite being discontinued in the same year she was created (1966) is quite popular as a internet sort of microcelebrity. There seems to be a modern resurgence at the moment but the lucky lady has fan sites dating back to the 90’s! Her sophisticated personality and blasé expression has captured the hearts of many.
She seems to be the first anthropomorphic doll, too.
The Poodle is Peteena! (arf, arf!)
As a "Fun" Fact, most Peteena dolls are missing their tails.

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Peteena Commercial!
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