ConFurence Two, 1991

ConFurence 2 was a furry convention in the ConFurence series, held over January 25-27 of 1991. The venue that year was the Holiday Inn in Anaheim, California, a change from the previous two years.

This was the first ConFurence to invite guests of honor, and held the first Ice Cream Social. There was a dedicated video room with its own schedule. Three-day membership cost $25 in advance. A one-woman cabaret of Omaha the Cat Dancer would lead to the Cabaret Fur Le Dance in ConFurence 3.

The ConFurence Filk Contest was won by "Hope By Her Smile" by Michael Payne.

The Guests of Honor were:
Steve Gallacci (creator and publisher of Albedo Anthropomorphics)
Reed Waller & Kate Worley (artist and writer team for Omaha)
Vicky Wyman (creator of Xanadu)

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Video sourced from the prancing Skiltaire.


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