ConFurence One, 1990

ConFurence 1 was a furry convention in the ConFurence series, held during January 26-28 of 1990 at the Holiday Inn Bristol Plaza in Costa Mesa, California.

Despite the numbering, ConFurence 1 is generally considered the second ever specialist furry convention. It was preceded by its own dry run, ConFurence 0, held in the same venue one year earlier. The three-day event was priced at $20 in advance.

The special guests for the convention were Bill Fitts, Jim Groat, Monika Livingstone, and Martin and Tiffany Wagner. The programme featured the first species SIGs and the first "Spaghetti Dinner". The convention was also the place where Yarf! fanzine was formally launched, with issue #1 made available for public sale by Jeff Ferris and Kris Kreutzman.

The ConFurence Filk Contest was won by "Furry", lyrics by Kay Shapero.

Sadly, I cannot find any photo nor video of this con at all. (Excluding paper and such here.) I consider it to be "high priority"- if you happen to have info, please contact me. Thank you.

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