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ConFurence, ConFurence, ConFurence.... where do I begin?
Well, I suppose that it is the start, so I might as well start at the start of the start?
(Try saying that one a few times really quick.)

ConFurence is generally accepted as the true “beginning” of the furry fandom, christening it with it’s first convention. Before this, fans of funny animals were rag-tag groups scattered across the more general sci-fi conventions, and gathering in furry room parties.
Contact was through snail mail and amateur press magazines.

In 1989 was ConFurence Zero, the first prototype! It was such a success that ConFurence ran up until 2003.

There’s plenty (and trust me, plenty!) more information I want to put on here, but I’m running the risk of this page being too long- I’ve already had to cut out a massive chunk! But fret not, you can find more linked here!
I'll probably add more later.

Wikifur has lots of info!
And an archive, just so you can see what I saw.
And another archive in case the first one dies.

(Or is the first one in case this one dies?)

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