Vintage Fursuit Collection

Welcome to the Vintage Fursuit Collection/Archive!
This is a collection of Old Costumes and the Anthro Arts, garnered from the nooks and crannies of the Internet, by one eccentric web gravedigger archeologist.

Old-fashioned fursuits "Zoots" as they used to be reffered to as are commonly bashed on by modern members of the community for “being uncanny” and “inexperienced”, but I find them to be fascinating. Perhaps I even like them more than their modern counterparts!

I try to update this site whenever I have new websites and pictures- which is pretty much all the time. But I only have two paws! Probably under permament construction.

I try to link to the originals of every site I can find, I highly encourage for you to check them out in their intended glory. Consider this site to be a collage of sorts- I didn't get permission to use most of these images.

I created this site because I couldn’t find any site that was a collection of EVERYTHING, so I figured, hey, might as well fill in this niche.
I hope that this website entertains and educates you, and that you have a wonderful time exploring this site and surfing the web!

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