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What's new? Updates and news for the website! Ordered from newest to oldest.

7 September 2023

Ayo. Started to port over the code I mentioned previously, giving it a bit of a clean up. I'm pretty busy unfortunately but I'll hopefully be able to get this portion done at least.

16 August 2023

Literally being eaten alive my college, pushing it back even further to September, my sincerest apologies. >_<

4 August 2023

Known website bugs list, for future reference.
On some mobile devices, links make the selectors bug out and become taller.

On desktop, sundippy’s head is off to the side and not attached to the linkers.
“Date last updated” may break on pages in the next week and I’ll have no idea how to fix it due to it being caused by fixing a much more pressing backend issue.

These are all relatively low-priority at the moment, but i'll be sure to look into them in the future. ^^

1 August 2023

…It’s August already? Well, damn! Time flies, huh?
As promised, I’ll try my best to update this. Things have changed in my life that, well, really messed up my carefully constructed plans, as things so often do- a main one being I am now in college.

I’ll try my best to work! It will initially be backend stuff. I realise I need to normalise the layouts of pages, so I’ll do that first, then edit existing pages to fit, and then make more. I’ll also add more links and such and pretty up some bugs- the most glaring of which is now it displays weirdly on iOS after the recent update. I don't know what's up with that.

6 February 2023

Wow, apparently this site has 56 followers. It is very heartwarming to see so much interest. I apologise that it has not been updated and does not have much content as of now. Do not worry, as it is not abandoned by any means.

I am always archiving, but I am very busy! Work work work! Plus, the current framework of this site makes adding these things quite time consuming. (I have created a new framework which makes things much, much more efficient!!! (Yippee!) But since it was designed for a different project, it requires some porting, which will take me a solid while, and I’ll have to do it in one go, otherwise I get confused...)

So, I figured y’all would appreciate an update, and when to expect more work on this site. The short answer is that this site is expected to be updated in August, 2023. It’s a while from now, I know. I would work on it sooner, but I have time-sensitive projects which require my attention more immediately.

This is also time sensitive, with these things disappearing from the sands of time off the net, but I’m archiving those in the meantime (the main issue isn’t getting the stuff, it’s organising, and coding, and... you get the idea.)

The August date is a rough estimation- I really hope that it’s overshooting and I’ll be able to work on it sooner. I will work hard on my other projects so I can share more funny animal history in an organised space with all of you!!

1 November 2022

I'm having some issues archiving and I need to renew my eyes, so I'm shifting focus to my main website and I will get back to this eventually. :]
My wrist is still sore as well.
I hope y'all had a happy halloween!

13 October 2022

I've ran out of space on my disc (for the zillionth time.)
Give me a mo- Many of these videos are pretty large to hold, and I need to hold them at least temporarily so I can upload them to archive sites.
As a side note, it's very easily for me to create pages and to show- but my main concern is longevity. This site doesn't have much going on in the front, but that's because I'm busily preserving everything for the years to come. This is why this site uploads pretty slowly. Don't fret- this just means it'll look even more killer when it's done!

11 October 2022

ConFurence Two page has been completed! Read it here!

10 October 2022

I've managed to get my grubby little paws on a book I believe you will all enjoy.

10 October 2022

It seems that I'm on a roll- I hope it lasts for a while longer! All that time I spent making the pages easier to edit is paying off. Here is the ConFurence One page!
Admittedly, it didn't take as much time compared due to the lack of contents.
Two and Three don't have much meat on their bones, either. Four is where the good stuff kicks off- so I suppose you should await for then!

9 October 2022

The storage... it's 20% full! I did not expect this! I'm not readyyyyyyyaaaauuuugh!!!
Update: Problem solved! I put on my 'docs and squished down the files like wine men with grapes. They're only slightly worse- I suppose that's just my toe crust. You would'nt have noticed if I didn't point it out, either. Just like the wine toe crust. Mmm. I love comparisons.

9 October 2022

Yippee! The Confurence Zero page is up! I will soon link it correctly. For now, please enjoy. I hope I have not missed anything, I was very thorough with my search. There unfortunately isn't much to show. It only took me an all-nighter! <\3 Come read over here!

8 October 2022

I’ve used up 15% of the storage- and I’m not even close to done! *Gulp* I recon I should invest in some server space sometime. If y'all have any suggestions for ads and fundraising, I'd like to hear it.
I was thinking of doing something reminiscent of Furaffinity's ads, where I will have some sections dedicated to showing- preferably somewhere not too disruptive for the viewer, but beneficial for the shower. People interested would pay for a year in advance to be shown, and using a script the ads will cycle around with even coverage. And hopefully it would help some furry buisness!

The alternative would be google advertising.
Maybe also a donation page, where I would link to patrons. I think that would be a splendid idea.

Viewers, you have input! There are many Disqus comment zones on this website, (like the one at the bottom of this page!) and the neocities profile as well. I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

30 September 2022

Redid the guts of the css, much more optimised now.
Also changed the Nav and Sidebar for easy updating!

Slowly optimising now so I can be much more speedier in the future, and for all you awaiting viewers, more fun stuff to browse!

Howloween is coming up soon! I have an idea to make a page with spooky suits and artwork, but I don't think I'll have enough time this year, unfortunately. By this time next year I might actually have my stuff together! Hahah!

17 September 2022

Heya! Working hard on the site, especially on my Lance Ikegawa page. Currently preparing a page for the Rapid T Rabbit show. Work is slow on this site, it's a lot of slow repetive tasks. But in the end, it will be worth it for the history and archival and such!

I've implimented a disqus board, although i'm a bit stupid and I am having some issues creating new threads. With time i'll get it soon enough, I suppose.
I need hosting space. I might need to add ads to help pay for costs. I apologise in advance.

28 July 2022

Aight! Time for work! Updated the banner and working on the homepage.

1 June 2022

I will be very busy soon and this website is unfortunately on the side. It will be worked on approximately in Auugust and September- On the plus, I'm positive that the code cleanup and update will be fairly quick, so I can finally get to posting all my collections nice and organised! Look forward to it.

10 May 2022

I will be remaking the sidebar navigation! This may take a while. Thank you for your patience.

4 May 2022

My apologies for a lack of updates. I am very busy compiling many images from my harddrive, compressing, and working on my personal website. This site will be updated, don't worry! :]

13 April 2022

Thank you for the kind comments, they really keep the motivation going. Hopefully soon there will be actual suits soon and not just artwork- there's just so much to share from the yerf archives alone!
What is currently present in the artwork section is not all that is collected so far, i've begun to split them into pages per year so that I'm not digging through 1,000 lines of code on one page. Makes it a little easier, yeah?

11 April 2022

Archiving furry artists! 49 down, 551 To go! AhahahahahahahahahahahAHAHAAHAHAHAAH
My pain is self inflicted, of course, and we all know my work will never be done, more precisely, 551 before I give myself a break for a little while from coding here... to coding elsewhere.

10 April 2022

Still working on the artwork page. Every time i upload one image it feels like I find 2,000 more... Which is accurate. So many talented artists of yesteryears! Please send help. My hand keeps cramping. I've copied and pasted the same line of code over and over. Might just upload 3 images per artist, sprinkle them in like a chef (me) elegantly and lightly dusting his masterpiece meal with some mystical salt from a faroff land (the wonderful images i'm sharing) , onto a plate of salad (the website) which will soon become a turd (the website inevitably getting slurped up by some sort of harddrive failure or something) so my wrist doesn't prematurely keel over and die.

8 April 2022

Artwork page is up and running! I have so many pictures to add, but right now it's pretty bare and kind of messy looking, which i will fix in the future.
It's pretty much entirely comprised of images from the yerf archive, I'll need to get some "fresh blood" from other archives and sites. Submissions for artwork should be open sometime soon, I hope.

7 April 2022

What's New? THIS PAGE!!! Now, it actually has stuff in it! Like the post directly below this one. Time to work on all the other Navbar pages, and then the sidebar pages (so many!)

30 March 2022

The Vintage Fursuits website is born!
Will we move someday? Who knows! Hopefully we stay, it's very cozy here.
And plus, I, the webmaster, really don't want to pay to host a site at all, haaaah.
I'm Broke! And on top of that, I'm cheap! But don't you worry, i'm sure this site will always exist in one form or another as long as i'm alive, and i'll be kicking for some time yet!


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